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  • Release Date 2015

Timelines is a strategy card-game built upon the foundations of those that came before, yet offering a fresh take on the genre.

Experience a collectable card game unlike any other. Play as the most ancient beings in the universe and select your Heroes from four unique factions of different timelines. Spanning the past and distant future, Timelines provides a new take on the card-game genre with a focus on customization and strategy.

Before the dawn of time itself, there existed only The Ancients. They created all that is the known universe, it's laws, it's checks and balances. Lastly, they created life. Only to watch it flourish and fail in every timeline, in every possible scenario.

In the interest of finding a champion, a hero, one life form that could succeed where the others had failed, the Ancients devised a final effort to redeem humanity. They would choose Heroes of the infinite timelines, and take them on as champions of this cause. Through battle one timeline would prevail, and prove itself worthy of the Gods favour.

The Xbox One is the lead platform for Timelines and it will be launching first on the Xbox One Console. Going forward we need to get the Xbox One version to the right state, before deciding which platform we want to bring the game to next too.

We do have plans on bringing Timelines to other platforms like the PS4 , WiiU, as well as portable consoles like the 3DS/2DS and the PS Vita / PS TV.


FACTION 01: Noble Crown

During the middle ages there were the crusades, in pursuit of religious expansion the church ordered an all out attack on all neighboring villages. Those neighboring villages put up a fight that would last decades, but in the end, the power of the churches armies only continued to grow. Many lives were lost in the battles.

Years later the Black plague disease came around thus killing off many people in eastern Noble Crown controlled areas where the church’s main power originated. The Black death not only killed the living but it brought the dead back to a form of ungodly life. The un-dead outnumbered the living after the main battle to convert the other villages to Noble religion and the Crown, leaving more un-dead soldiers than live ones.